January 7 2003- A network page has been added. It also includes weekly nework uptime reports and network information.

December 3 2002 - All servers have been moved to a faster nework.

Ocbtober 30 2002 - New web site redesign.

October 15 2002 - We are introducing a new server geared to our reseller plans.

September 23 2002 - All plans have been upgraded with added space and bandwidth.

August 15 2002 - All of our shared plans have been upgraded.



   Our web hosting plans have some of the cheapest prices for the high level of quality service you will receive. Our hosting plans combine cheap hosting, fast support, and reliable service all in one. Many other web hosting companies are able to provide cheap web hosting by cutting back on their support team. We believe that web hosting should be as cheap as possible, but still reliable and worth all your money.

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We provide very cheap hosting. All our clients agree that our cheap hosting is fast, reliable, and easy to use. Our cheap hosting plans are controlled by cPanel. How do we provide our hosting so cheap? Most companies that provide cheap hosting cram as many clients on one server as possible to make maximum profit. We don't do this. Instead we put about 75-100 clients on a server. We make our profit by having many servers. Cheap web hosting can't get any better than this! Cheap web hosting, hosting, cheap.





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